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Key Steps to a Successful Roof Restoration


While many overlook the value of a well maintained roof, it is one of your home’s most important features, not just for keeping the elements out of the home but for improving the overall aesthetic appeal of the structure. This is why regular roof restorations are vital to maintaining the integrity, durability and attractiveness of your property.

What is a roof restoration?

Before we jump into the key steps of a roof restoration it might be important to quickly touch on what it actually is. A roof restoration is basically a roof makeover, which includes light maintenance of small issues like dislodged tiles or worn bedding, a thorough clean and then a repaint to make it all look as good as new.

How long does a roof restoration take?

While every property will be different, on average a roof restoration will take approximately three days to complete. This is dependent on a number of factors including the condition of the roof as a whole, what material your roof is made out of and external factors that no one can control like the weather. Every project is different so it can be difficult to guarantee a timeframe, however, to give some perspective smaller projects can take as little as two days while larger and more complex restorations can take as long as seven days to finalise.

Inspect the roof before the roof restoration process beginsWhat are the key steps to a successful roof restoration?

While these steps might change depending on the need of the individual, most roof restorations take a pretty predictable path:

Inspection of the roof

Every roof restoration will first start with an inspection. Roofs are susceptible to damage over time due to how exposed they are to the elements. They can suffer from any number of issues including gutter misalignment, oxidisation and broken framing. Inspections are very important to allow the contractor to assess the state of the roof and make note of any areas that might need repair during the restoration. They can also ensure that your roof is not suffering from more serious structural issues which might require a more thorough repair.

Roof cleaning

After the roof has been inspected it will then be cleaned. This is most often done using a high pressure hose which helps remove oxidisation, debris and helps prepare the surface of the roof for a fresh layer of paint.

corner roof needing repairs

Roof Maintenance and repair

In order to ensure that the roof is properly restored the roofing professional will then perform any minor repairs required to ensure the integrity of the structure. This might include repointing the ridges and gables and rebedding any areas of the roof where the mortar has become decayed.

Roof painting and spraying

Once the roofing professional can ensure the integrity of the roof, they will then apply a layer of paint to its surface. This has a number of benefits, including improving the durability of the structure, improving your home’s insulation and dramatically increasing the curbside appeal of the home as a whole.

Lastly, make sure to hire an experienced roofer to restore your roof in a safe and professional manner.