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Restoration is the full package for maintaining the integrity and appearance of your roof. Many roofs go years or decades without attention and people often forget how important the crown of the house is to the overall look and health of the rest of the home. If you find debris building up between tiles, cracked sections, damaged gutters or rust, it might be time to call in a professional.

The Sutherland Shire is part of Sydney’s green belt, with plenty of nature, beaches, and hot Australian summers. While it is a beautiful and nostalgic part of Sydney, it also means that there is plenty of material to damage the structure or coating of your roof, making roof maintenance and restoration a must.

ReKote has been a professional roofing and restoration centre in Sutherland Shire for decades. Our restoration projects aim to fix any issues your roof might have and to provide a clean, modern repaint to keep it looking fresh and vibrant.

What ReKote’s roof repairs, replacement & restoration process looks like

An inspection of the roof and its important structural components. We normally begin our roof restorations by inspecting the roof and noting down any issues it might be experiencing, from small leaks to broken tiles or damaged gutters. This is to make sure that any work is done will take into account any areas of the roof that might need to be repaired so that your home is properly protected in the long run.

A high pressure clean of the roof. Roof oxidisation, debris, or mold build-up is unhealthy for your roof and will damage any paint job that we apply, so we used a high-pressure hose to thoroughly clean your roof and leave it sparkling clean.

Resolving any issues with damaged ridges or gables. Ridges and gables make up the pointed edges of your roof and are the most likely sections to be damaged over time. We go through a process called repointing to create a layer of protection over the mortar and create a firm finish to improve the durability of your roof.

A clean and modern re-paint. We let you chose any colour from a wide range of options from our palette. If the one you want isn’t in our repertoire we can source it for you to ensure that any work done fits your vision for how you would like your home to look. We will then use an airless spray gun to apply two even coats of paint to the surface of the roof for an even, durable finish.

New Roofs

Whether you are building a new home or restoring an older building, installing a new roof has many benefits.

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Roof Spraying

Our team has been in the industry for more than 30 years – we will restore your roof back to a great condition, no matter its style.

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Roof Repairs

Re-Kote Roofing cover all aspects of roofing, with roof repair services including roof cleaning, guttering and more.

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Recent Roofing Projects


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ReKote – Premier Roofing Experts in the Sutherland Shire

ReKote is a dedicated roof restoration centre of excellence in the Sutherland Shire. We have been around for decades and understand exactly was makes a roof both a tough piece of structural engineering and an elegant work of art. We take pride in our profession and keep customer satisfaction at the forefront of our business.

Please contact ReKote Roofing and Restorations for a free quote and to discuss how we might restore your roof back to health.

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