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Tiled Roof Repairs and Restoration

Research conducted by universities and independent institutions confirms that a terracotta or concrete tiled roof offers many benefits.
Extensive testing and investigations have been conducted, and the results show that roof tiles offer:


Roof tiles are one of the most affordable roofing products on the Australian market.

Fire Resistance

Roof tiles are ideal for bushfire-prone areas as they are non-combustible.

Reduced Cooling Requirements

Testing of similarly coloured roof tiles and metal roofing shows roof tiles have a lower cooling requirement.


Roof tiles must comply with strict standards in strength. Testing shows that terracotta roof tiles are stronger than concrete roof tiles.

Low Embodied Energy

Testing shows that roof tiles have a lower embodied energy than metal roofing.

Ideal for Coastal Areas

Roof tiles are ideal for coastal areas as they are impervious to rust and corrosion. Unlike metal roofs, roof tiles don’t require a higher-graded material for coastal homes.

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