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We are proud roof tradesmen who are backed by years of experience in the roofing industry. We work throughout the coastal areas of NSW from Kiama, Port Kembla, Illawarra, Wollongong, and the Sutherland Shire. All of our customers are very important to us. That’s why we provide each client with first-class customer service and top quality roofers.

You can trust our friendly team to treat you with honesty and respect throughout all of our dealings. You can expect us to provide you with a full quotation and outline all of the different options available to you when you’re looking at restoring your roof.

We look forward to helping you make your roof look new again. Contact ReKote Roofing and Restorations for service in the Kiama, Illawarra, Wollongong, and Sutherland Shire regions.

Services for all your Roofing Needs

At Re-Kote Roof Restorations, we are the experts in keeping the roof over your head in tip-top shape. Whether you want a roof restoration, roof repairs, or a new roof installation, Re-Kote can handle the job. Why look to other unqualified tradespeople when you can trust the best in the business? Our roofing contractors are members of the Master Roof Tilers & Slaters Association. We take the utmost pride in the quality of our expert workmanship. As Master Tilers, we ensure the best finish and lasting solutions for your roof.

Explore our wide range of services and contact us for superior roofing in the Illawarra, Kiama, Wollongong, and South Sydney areas.

New Roofs

Whether you are building a new home or restoring an older building, installing a new roof has many benefits.

New Roofs tiled roofs reroofing

A new roof installation looks great and increases the value of your property & the gains don’t stop with kerb appeal.

Roof Spraying

Our team has been in the industry for more than 30 years – we will restore your roof back to a great condition, no matter its style.

roof restoration

Our roof spraying services ensure a stronger, longer-lasting and more sustainable roof.

Roof Repairs

Re-Kote Roofing cover all aspects of roofing, with roof repair services including roof cleaning, guttering and more.

roof repairs

Most roofs are damaged over time, but may just need repair. If your roof needs repair, trust the experts.

Recent Roofing Projects


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Roof Repairs

Re-Kote Roofing can care for all aspects of roof needs, with roof repair services including roof cleaning, guttering, and more. Most roofs are damaged over time, but may just need repair. If your roofing needs repair, trust the Re-Cote as your roofing repair expert. There are many types of repairs that we can assist with for your roofs including fixing leaks, broken tile replacement, gutter replacement, and much more. If you’re in the Illawarra NSW area including Kiama, Port Kembla, Oak Flats, and Wollongong, have our roofing team who are backed by experience work on the repairs for your house.

Roof Tile Spraying & Painting

Roof spraying (or painting) is an essential part of maintaining the integrity and visual appeal of your property. Beyond just the aesthetic improvements to your roofing and home, a roof tiles spray every couple of years provides a range of serious benefits to your property, including:

1. Protection from weathering and damage
2. Extending the lifespan of existing roof tiles
3. Boosting the insulation of your home
4. Increase the value of your property

These services are designed to give your roofs an entirely new coat of paint and a finish that will last your family home for years to come.

New Roof Installations

New roofing installations have many benefits, whether you are building a new house or restoring an old building. In fact, installing new roofs has a rather high return on investment, and it increases the overall property value of your house.


There are a number of functional and aesthetic benefits that apply when you opt for re-roofing a property. In many cases, the cost of repair, fixing, or re-colouring an existing roof can be just as much – if not more – than the cost of undertaking a full re-roofing. We use top quality roofing material and products for all of our work including tile roofing, sarking, battern, and more. Our roofing products are also serviced with quick delivery times so once you are ready for the re-roofing job to begin, our delivery team can have all the tile and other roofing products there ready in a flash.

Other Roofing Services

We cover all aspects of the roofing industry, including services like roof tile repairs, roof cleaning, guttering, and more.

Read more about our other services here.

Roof Restorations

To replace your old, worn-out roofs we have a step by step process that our roofers follow to restore your roofs and have them looking good as new.

Inspecting for structural damage and points of concern: Our process begins by thoroughly inspecting the roof for oxidization, damage to guttering, broken frames, and any potential leaks that might become larger issues over time.

A high pressure roof clean: We use a high-pressure hose to clean the surface of the roof and remove any oxidization and debris. This is particularly important so that the paint and primer/sealer don’t peel or crack and so that they adhere properly to the roof to create a beautiful finish.

Fixing any broken or damaged ridges or gables: Ridges and gables are important to the integrity of the whole roof so we spend some time rebedding the area if the mortar is significantly decayed and repointing the ridges and gables to create a durable layer of protection over the mortar and increase the lifespan of the roof.

The application of the primer/sealer: Not all roof surfaces are the same. For example, metal, concrete, and terracotta roof tiles vary in the way that they age under the harsh Australian elements so it is important that all roofs are inspected properly to make sure the correct primer/sealer is used.

Re-painting the roof for a stunning finish: The final stage of the roof restoration is to repaint your roofing. We take significant pride in our work and use two coats of paint, most often high-quality Nutech tile flex paint, to create an even coating that looks fantastic and protects your house from the sun and rain. You are given a wide range of colours to choose from when you request this service.

Areas we cover in Illawarra and surrounds

Our roofing experts are ready to work on your tile roofing restorations, installations and repairs all across the Illawarra region, Wollongong suburbs and Caringbah districts. We perform our roofing services as far south as Kiama, through to Shellharbour, Lake Illawarra, Port Kembla, Wollongong up to Caringbah, and Cronulla Beaches.

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