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ReKote has had decades of experience installing, maintaining, restoring and doing roof repairs across Illawarra, making them the go-to professionals for anyone looking for a reliable, experienced specialist in the roofing industry. ReKote ensures that every project is handled with the client’s needs leading the way, which has been the key to our reputation for exceptional quality and expertise in roof restoration.

The outside world constantly batters roofs. From storms, hail and debris to the blistering Australian sun, your home’s roof is the key to keeping the elements out of your home. Unfortunately, this also means that your roof takes a lot of punishment daily and is prone to become damaged and old over time.

If your roof has undergone some wear and tear, like loose tiles or faded paint, it might be time for a roof restoration. A proper roof restoration is a necessary part of roof maintenance. It ensures that your roof looks fantastic all year round and can fix some of the smaller problems that might be affecting it before they become big, expensive issues.

Every ReKote restoration follows our tried and tested process to ensure that your roof comes out looking better than the day it was installed.

Residential Roof Restoration

We offer roof restorations as a part of our roofing services. A roof restoration will replace your old roof, removing its flaws and enhancing your home. No matter the reason for the disrepair, our experts identify the problems and reinforce your new roof. Our roof restoration services ensure a stronger, longer-lasting and more sustainable quality roof over your head.

The Way We Restore Your House Roof

1 Thorough Roof Inspection

We start all roof restorations by checking the roof surface for oxidisation levels broken tiles, and make sure all repairs are complete.

2 High-pressure cleaning

This is one of the most important parts of roof restorations – the purpose of this process is to remove any oxidisation from the roof surface (failure to complete this part of the job successfully will result in peeling and cracking of the paint). This will allow the primer/sealer to do its job properly and create a lasting finish.

3. Re-pointing and re-bedding the ridge and/or gables

After the pressure cleaning, the next step in the roof restoration involves using a C3-rated flexi point to re-point all ridges and gables; in some cases, if the mortar has badly deteriorated, we will have to rebed the ridge. In this case, we remove the tile or ridge, clean out the old mortar and set the ridge or tile with a 4-1 bedding cement mix and then we will continue with the pointing process.

4 The application of the primer/sealer

Not all roof surfaces are the same i.e. metal, concrete and terracotta and the way that they age under the harsh Australian elements can vary a lot so it is important that all roofs are inspected properly to make sure the correct primer/sealer is used during the roof restoration. This will make sure that the paint bonds with the roof surface for years to come.

5 Masking hand painting

Roof restorations for houses with exposed cladding or solar panels must be masked or hand painted so that no over-spray is caused.

6 Roof Painting and Polishing

This is the final process to take place now we have all the prep work complete we can start our paint application we apply 2 coats using an airless spray gun to ensure an nice even coating and in most cases we use a Nutech tile flex paint that insures a premium finish for years to come. Job completed!

We Take Pride in Our Work

We make sure that our customers get the quality of work that they deserve. Our roofing contractors are members of the Master Roof Tilers & Slaters Association, and we are master Roof Tilers, not just unskilled tradespeople. You can trust in our workmanship and our ability to choose the best roof restoration process and options for your home or business.

We are so confident in our abilities and products that we offer our clients a 10-year warranty.

A Range of Roof Colours

Give your roof a total makeover by choosing from various great colours. Explore the colour palette below and find your perfect match. We can source the colour you want on our palette if you don’t see it.

Do you need a roof restoration in Wollongong or the Sutherland Shire area? Contact ReKote Roofing and Restorations, your trusted roofing company, for a free quote on all of your roofing needs.

Strength and Durability Of Your Restored Roof Guaranteed

There’s no use having a roof over your head if it’s not a good one. That’s why we guarantee the quality of our roof restoration workmanship. We offer custom solutions and choose top quality materials, assembled by our expert tradesmen, in order to give you a roof that will last a long time in many different conditions.

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Some Of The Leading Brands We Work With:

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