Roof Restoration, Repairs and Replacement in Wollongong

You don’t need to be an expert to know when your house might need a roof restoration, debris stuck between tiles, guttering out of alignment or gaps between the roof and ceiling might all be signs that your roof has gone a little too long without some tender love and care.

Wollongong is a fantastic up and coming area with beautiful surrounds and a growing housing market, however, its proximity to the beach and abundance of natural growth means that the houses are constantly exposed to coastal winds and debris from flora. This means that roofs in Wollongong need regular checkups and retouches to ensure that they remain structurally sound and in good condition over the long run.

ReKote Roofing has been servicing the Wollongong area for decades and has grown a strong reputation as a local, professional and experienced leader in the roofing industry. We ensure that every roof cleaning project is handled with due diligence and follows our qualified procedure, inspecting the roof, cleaning the surface, fixing the ridges/gables and finishing with a stunning repaint.

Whether you need new roof restoration in Wollongong, Sutherland, we’ve got you covered all over Illawarra.Owner of ReKote Roofing in the video

Our Roofing Services & The Way We Do

Inspecting for structural damage and points of concern. Our process begins by thoroughly inspecting the roof for oxidisation, damage to guttering, broken frames and any potential leaks that might become larger issues over time. We do this to ensure that the cleaning is thorough, relieves any pain points and creates a durable roof that can withstand the harsh Australian climate for years to come.

A detailed clean of the roof. We use a high-pressure hose to clean the surface of the roof and remove any oxidisation and debris. This is particularly important so that the paint and primer/sealer don’t peel or crack and so that they adhere properly to the roof to create a beautiful finish.

Fixing any broken or damaged ridges or gables. Ridges and gables are important to the integrity of the whole roof so we spend some time rebedding the area if the mortar is significantly decayed and repointing the ridges and gables to create a durable layer of protection over the mortar and increase the lifespan of the roof.

Re-painting the roof for a stunning finish. The final stage of the roof restoration is to repaint the roof. We take significant pride in our work and use two coats of paint, most often high-quality Nutech tile flex paint, to create an even coating that looks fantastic and protects your home from the sun and rain. You are given a wide range of colours to choose from to ensure that you have full control over the look and feel of your home.

New Roofs

Whether you are building a new home or restoring an older building, installing a new roof has many benefits.

New Roofs tiled roofs reroofing

A new roof installation looks great and increases the value of your property & the gains don’t stop with kerb appeal.

Roof Spraying

Our team has been in the industry for more than 30 years – we will restore your roof back to a great condition, no matter its style.

roof restoration

Our roof spraying services ensure a stronger, longer-lasting and more sustainable roof.

Roof Repairs

Re-Kote Roofing cover all aspects of roofing, with roof repair services including roof cleaning, guttering and more.

roof repairs

Most roofs are damaged over time, but may just need repair. If your roof needs repair, trust the experts.

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We are passionate about putting a roof over your head. That’s why we only work with the best. We are associated with the Master Roof Tilers & Slaters Association Pty Ltd and the Roofing Industry Association of NSW Inc., as well as with NuTech Paint, Boral & Bristile Roof Tile manufacturers

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A restored roof can make your home look new again. Our highly skilled and professional team in Wollongong uses only the highest quality products to achieve this result for you. From large-scale commercial restorations to small homes or units, we can fully restore your roof.

ReKote has been around since 1981 and has hung around for so long because it has created a business based on customer satisfaction and professional care. We ensure that our roof services create tough and elegant roofs that will be the envy of any street in Wollongong.

Roof Installation Services

Whether you are building a new home or restoring an older building, installing a new roof has many benefits. A new roof installation looks great and therefore increases the overall value of your property. However, the gains don’t stop with kerb appeal. New roofs can also provide insulation and leak protection, saving you money on electricity and repairs.

Your Roof Restoration Need Is In Good Hands

ReKote Roofing and Restorations are skilled tradespeople and master tilers, who take pride in the exceptional quality of our work. We choose top-quality materials and work to create custom solutions for your specific needs. This is why we are happy to guarantee the quality of our workmanship and provide a 6 year warranty on all new roof installations, giving you peace of mind that your new roof is strong and durable.

ReKote Roofing and Restorations has the experience, expertise, and materials to provide a quality roof that will last the distance in your local environment and meet your style and functionality needs.

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Some Of The Leading Brands We Work

Some Of The Leading Brands We Work With:

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