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Understanding the Roof Restoration Cost


Roof restoration is an important part of maintaining the integrity of your roof as it gets older. Regular maintenance and repair can significantly increase the life expectancy of your roof and cost you less over the years than if you are forced to perform a roof replacement due to heavy water damage or a collapsed section of the structure.

Generally, roof restoration starts with an inspection, a clean to remove roof debris and corrosion, minor repairs of the important sections of the roof like the ridges and gables, and finally a repaint of the roof to give it that brand new look.

How much does it cost for a roof restoration?

Two men installing a roof

It is difficult to put a precise cost on roof restorations as a whole because each project is so different. Many different factors can affect the price of a roof restoration, which is why a professional inspection and quote is required for each individual case. In saying that however, there are some common factors that can affect how affordable it is to perform a roof restoration project.

Factors that vary the price & full cost of roof restoration

  • The type of roof. Your roof type is one of the most important factors that determine how expensive a roof restoration is. Roofs come in many different materials including pitch, metal, shingles, and tiles. The type and quality of these materials can significantly impact the price of a roof restoration, both due to the varying cost of the materials and the different labour requirements for installation and repair.
  • The size of the roof. Perhaps the most important factor in your roof repair is just how large your roof is. A larger roof means more time, more materials, and more labour to complete the job.
  • The degree to which the roof is inclined. The pitch and slope of the roof is a factor that people often overlook when considering the price of roof restoration. Roofs can vary from flat to severely sloped. If the roof is heavily sloped it may not be walkable and thus will require extra safety equipment and time to perform the restoration.  
  • The condition of your roof. Another important consideration is just how poor the condition of your roof is. If it is in fairly good condition the restoration can be finished in no time, however, if it requires heavy repair then the price can be significantly augmented.
  • If the roof has sustained water damage. Water damage can be a little more serious than superficial damage to the outside of the roof and may require heavy repair. If it is not performed in time it might also mean that a full roof replacement will be required, which can be significantly more expensive than roof restoration.
  • Unique accessories and roof elements. Everyone loves a good chimney or skylight, however, repair and maintenance around these elements can complicate roof repair, which in turn can affect the price of the restoration as a whole.

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