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How often should you get your roof checked?


A professional roof inspection is a good idea every once in a while to ensure that the most important feature of your home is well maintained. While it might seem like a self-assessment of the roof is all needed, only a professional roofer can spot many signs of damage. In addition, there are many areas of the roof that regular folk might not think to inspect, such as the trusses and rafters, sheet metal or underlayment. So, if roof inspections are so important, how often should you have one?

How often should you get your roof checked by a professional?Inspect the roof before the roof restoration process begins

How often you should get your roof checked by a professional depends on many factors, such as the roof’s age, the quality of the work and what materials were used in constructing it. Perhaps the most important factor to consider is the material the roof is made out of. While people get roofs built of many different materials for many different reasons, the main materials are asphalt, composite and wooden shingles or tiles. The first three should generally be inspected every three years by a professional, while a tile roof can go a little longer and be inspected every five.

However, there are many other times that you should also get your roof inspected by a professional, including:

1. When a self-inspection finds any signs of roof damage

Aside from professional inspection, it is also recommended that you self-inspect the roof twice a year in spring and autumn. This will help you ensure that your roof is always in a proper state and ready for the more extreme weather it might experience in summer or winter. If you do find any signs of damage, then you should get a professional in to do a thorough check of the roof; this has the benefit of not only allowing a professional to inspect some of the more difficult areas of the structure but will also help with any claims you might lodge with your insurance provider.

2. After an event that might have damaged your roofHail stones in hand

Another time when a professional roof inspection might be necessary is after big weather events like hail or storms. These events can often visibly damage the roof but cause smaller issues that might grow into serious problems over time and require a professional to spot. This will ensure that any damage will be spotted early and repairs can be made before things get much worse and much more costly.

3. When there are signs of roof damage inside the home

Finally, signs of a damaged roof don’t only show up on the outside but on the inside of the house as well. Some signs of damage inside your home might be water seepage, light showing up in your crawlspace or attic, rot, mold or mildew on your walls. If you see any of these signs, it might be time for a roof inspection by a professional.