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How Often Should You Get Your Roof Sprayed


Roof spraying protects your roof against leaks. Regular roof spraying is the best practice for homeowners. Roof spraying doesn’t have to be done often, just every few years, and it’s good to understand the issues.

Roof Spraying Essentials

The critical things you need to know about roof spraying are:

  • Roof spraying is effective for all-round protection: Spraying ensures that microscopic leaks and intrusions to the interior roof are prevented. Water finds its own levels in roofs, too, and will exploit any opportunity to seep in. Roof repairs or roof restoration, if necessary, are the best options in cases where developing leaks are found.
  • Roof tiles need protection, too: Minor cracks or damage in roof tiles, even on a microscopic level, can be big trouble. Spraying the roof tiles protects them against further damage.

When to Get Your Roof Sprayed

If you look at a new roof, you’ll notice that it looks a little shiny, but looks good. The overall look is consistent. Now look at an older roof: it looks patchy, with some areas looking in better condition than others. You may still see some of the new looks, but there are areas where the roof is clearly looking like it’s taking on more wear and tear.

These are the basic signs that you need your roof sprayed:

  • Discolouration: The roof surface has taken rain, debris, and sunlight which have caused the previous roof spray to deteriorate. In some cases, discolouration may be caused by birds or surface marks from storm damage. It’s best to get these problems checked out when you get your roof sprayed.
  • Spots on the roof: These are usually lichens, which have managed to penetrate the roof tile’s surface. This is quite common in older roofs. In these cases, the roof tiles haven’t been sprayed for some time, and desperately need a new spray job. Roof cleaning will also be required.
  • Terracotta tiles: Terracotta tiles are very good for spotting spray issues. Because these tiles are a lighter colour, any inconsistencies in the surface indicate that a new spray job is required.
  • Roof paint issues: If your roof paint is looking worse for wear and unevenness, the surface has been compromised. Fortunately, roof paint also acts as a protective barrier for your roof, and these problems are likely to be minor as long as the roof doesn’t deteriorate further. You will need to repaint, as well as respray your roof.

Scheduling a Roof Spray Job

Obviously, if there are existing surface problems with the roof, a spray job should be done immediately. Otherwise, getting a spray job every five years is probably a good rule of thumb for scheduling your roof sprays.

Over this period of time, it is inevitable that the roof surface will take some damage. Roof spraying seals the roof and prevents possible further damage simply and cost-effectively.

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