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Choosing the Right Tiles for your Roof


Selection of different roof tiles, including brown, red and green tiles

Your choice of roof tiles can be a surprisingly cost-effective (and fun!) investment. If you’re at the planning stage of choosing new roof tiles, explore your options before you get to the roofing installation phase. You’ll be surprised at what’s possible.

The Basics for Choosing Roof Tiles

Typically, modern roof tiles are made of either concrete or terracotta. Both types of tile have certain advantages for both design and practical uses.

Concrete vs. Terracotta Tiles

  • Concrete tiles: Concrete tiles are typically cheaper, heavier, and generally considered suitable for any type of roof. There is a wide range of styles, shapes, and colours available.
  • Terracotta tiles: Terracotta roof tiles are among the oldest types of roofing tiles in the world. Their earthy colours and textures are very popular to this day. Terracotta tiles are typically used on all kinds of buildings.
  1. What to consider when choosing tiles

It’s a good idea to shop around to get a good understanding of design choices, prices, and suitability for your type of home. You can have a lot of fun selecting the latest roof tiles, so don’t be in any hurry to choose.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you want light-coloured tiles, darker-coloured tiles, or a combination?
  • Would you prefer to use different coloured tiles for different roof spaces?
  • Roof tile patterns and designs can vary a lot. Have you seen how your tiles will look on a large roof area?
  • Did you know that with terracotta tiles, you can use different colours on the same roof?
  • The choice of roof tile may affect installation costs. Have you checked out your costs for different choices?
  1. Design Considerations

If you are doing a custom renovation or a new home design, please know that you can get any design you want for your roof tiles. Modern roof tiles are far superior products and can be available in various colours to suit any design.

It’s a matter of your tastes and preferences. Speak to your designer and your roofer about your needs. Australian roofing suppliers can provide any tiles you need, whether you want the latest Italian tiles or just basic tiles.

  1. Getting Value for Money

It is quite possible to get excellent deals on roofing tiles. It’s a good idea to shop around to get a clearer picture of prices, types of tiles, and installation costs. Your local roofing contractors can help you with this and also give you some tips about tile choices.

Most roof tiles have long product lines, but some are undeniably better than others. The best practice is to invest in top-brand tiles, which also come with excellent warranties in many cases, often up to 50 years!

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