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When to choose roof restoration vs roof replacement


Roof painter wearing safety gear and spraying a metal roof.A home’s roof is not only a central part of its curb-side appeal but also key to the structural integrity of the house as a whole. A good roof provides shelter, insulation and design flair, meaning that if properly maintained it can significantly increase the value of a property, so protecting such an investment should be a priority for any diligent home owner.

When looking to spruik up your roof there are two main options, either choosing a roof restoration or a roof replacement.

What is the difference between roof restoration and roof replacement?

A roof restoration should be performed regularly to ensure that a roof is well maintained. It normally involves a roof inspection, a thorough cleaning of the existing tiles and minor repairs to shingles and gables. Once this is done the restoration will be finished by repainting the tiles to make them look good as new.

A roof replacement is a total overhaul of the existing roof. Everything will be replaced from sarking and battens to tiles, ridges and pointing. This means that you will have an entirely new roof allowing the you to introduce new elements like insulation and completely change the look and feel of the structure.

When should you restore a roof?

  • When your roof is structurally sound. Because a roof restoration mostly focuses on restoring the aesthetic appeal of a roof the underlying structure needs to be in good condition to ensure that it continues to perform well over the years and that the restoration isn’t just covering up more serious issues.
  • Experts in Roof RestorationIf you have your roof regularly maintained. If you roof is regularly maintained then it is most likely in good condition and might just need a restoration to make it look as good as on the day that it was installed.
  • When your roof is relatively new. If it has only been a few years since you’ve installed a roof then it might be time to restore it with a good clean and repaint.
  • Before selling the house. A clean, repainted roof is extremely appealing to investors and homeowners, therefore a roof restoration before selling the house can significantly increase the value of your property before auction.

When should you replace a roof?

  • If the roof is suffering from structural damage. Structural issues such as broken foundations and water damage might mean reoccurring problems and high cost of maintenance over time. To save money in the long run often a roof replacement is the best option to take.
  • You would like to replace older material. If you would like to upgrade some of the older roofing materials that are normally installed during construction then a roof replacement might be your best option. Sarking for example is installed during construction and is integral to roof insulation, meaning that if you would like to have it replaced or upgraded a roof replacement is your best bet.
  • If you are looking for a long term option. If you are looking to ensure the integrity and appeal of your home in the long run then a roof replacement can give you peace of mind for years to come, improving its life expectancy, durability and investment value.

If you’re still unsure if you need a roof restoration or a roof replacement, contact a professional to discuss your options.