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How to Choose a Quality Roofing Contractor for Roof Restorations


A quality roof restoration is vital not only to the aesthetic appeal of your home but also to extending the value of your property and life expectancy of your roof as a whole. While there are plenty of choices out there it can be tricky knowing which are capable of providing you with a quality roof restoration.

Here are some tips on how to choose a quality roofing contractor:

  1. Do your research and shop around.

While perhaps an obvious first step for anyone reading this article, the best place to start is doing some research. This will include looking at contractors online and reading reviews from Google or other sites. Another great idea is to shop around locally, talk to the community and see who your neighbours or friends have chosen for their roofing jobs and services.

  1. Call a Roofing Contractor.

You can do all the research you want, but if you don’t talk to them, you’ll never truly feel how professional or trustworthy they are. Drawing up a list of questions you might have and then picking up the phone and calling a roofing contractor can be useful for both feeling out the candidate and answering some of your questions.

  1. Look at their previous roof restoration work.

Any good roofing contractor will have examples of their work on their site. Look at these case studies of their previous work and see whether it aligns with your expectations. Look for whether the work looks like quality restoration and whether it fits the style of roof that you want.

  1. Look for a qualified roofing contractor.Master Roof Tilers & Slaters Association

Nothing is worse than watching an unqualified roofing contractor bungle the job of retiling your roof or fixing your shingles. That is why doing your research and ensuring they are qualified contractors is vital before hiring anyone.

A good place to start is to look at the Fair Trade website to see what certifications roofing contractors must hold. Another simple method is to look for contractors who are part of the Master Roof Tilers & Slaters Association, which can be a strong sign that they are quality professionals.

  1. Make sure that your contractors are properly insured

Roofing work can be difficult, and things can go wrong with any manual task. That is why ensuring that your choice of roofing professional is properly insured is a vital final check before deciding on any one contractor.

If you are still unsure, then ask for a roof inspectionInspect the roof before the roof restoration process begins

For any roof repair or restoration, an inspection is a necessary first step, so asking for an inspection and meeting the contractor can be a great first step to deciding whether they are the right people for the job. When they are at your home, you can ask any of the questions you might have, get a quote and feel them out to see if they fit you.